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Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger

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Total Release Foggers are for use in greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage areas, and indoor gardening areas. Used for controlling fungus gnats, spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, scale, mealy bugs, and thrips. No residuals.


1. Shut off pilot lights and open flames in the area to be fogged; this includes Furnaces, Hot Water Tanks, CO2 Burners, etc.
2. Turn off Exhaust Fans, Air Conditioners and Circulation Fans.
3. Turn off any automated appliances that cycle ON & OFF. This includes Timers, CO2 Controllers, etc.
4. Close all windows and doors in the growing area.
5. Water your Plants before application.


1. Use in Greenhouses and other growing areas.
2. Use up to 1 day before Harvest on Vegetables, Flowers and Ornamental Plants.
3. One ounce Fumigates - Fogs 1000 Cubic Feet: Width x Length x Height = Cubic Feet.
4. Always Fog in the Dark-do not use in direct sunlight or with HID Lights on.
5. Ideal Application Temperatures are under 75˚F or 22˚C.
6. Best used 2-3 hours after the lights are off or 2-3 hours after sunset.
7. Always do an under leaf treatment with Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout prior to Fogging.
8. Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knock Out and Foggers are CONTACT SPRAYS - the spray must hit the mite to kill it.


1. Lighting Shades need to be raised to maximum height or removed in the growing area.
2. Prop the Foggers up on a 5 Gallon pail.
3. Do not allow the mist to come in direct contact with Plants - it is designed to go up in the air and fall on the Plants.
4. Depress the valve into locked position, exit the area immediately and close the door behind you.
5. Open all doors and windows, turn on exhaust fans, circulation fans to “Air Out” the area for at least ½ hour before commencing work in the area. The greenhouse or growing area shall ideally be under 75˚F/22˚C. The mites are more active at this temperature and Doktor Doom Products are most effective at this temperature.
6. Re-enter the area at least 2 hours after treatment - the longer the smell of pyrethrin remains in the growing area the more effective the treatment is going to be. Before commencing work in the area, ventilate by opening all doors, windows and turning on circulation and exhaust fans for at least 30 minutes.

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Product Reviews

  1. Spider Mite Killer

    Posted by Warren on 1st Aug 2012

    Make sure you buy 3 cans, it will kill all your spider mites but you need to set a can off every 3 days to make sure you got them all.

  2. Works well

    Posted by Freeman on 27th Jun 2012

    It does exactly what it is supposed to do, it killed all of my pests with only 1 treatment.

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